Wound Mapp Home User Guide Download


If you are in a larger organisation e.g. a hospital, you should use ver >= 1.5.6, as a desktop tool with a common shared network drive. That is, each user has their own personal desktop installation of the ‘MedImage Desktop’ and ‘Wound Mapp add-on’. But all users can see the common shared drive contents. This is currently the only arrangement that meets the HISO or HIPAA medical software standard recommendations for providing every user with their own individual login. Tracking for changes made by each user in the shared space are also kept in individual user’s own desktop systems.

Alternatively the Wound Mapp add-on to the MedImage Server can be used in a small organization as a server e.g. in a GP practice, and multiple users can share the same password for access.

You are advised to keep this software completely on your own internal networks and limit access to the machines that can see the server. We are working towards building a full enterprise version, which includes direct logins and multiple organization access rights.

The Wound Mapp ‘lite’ version, has the following security characteristics:

  • A single password login
  • Encrypted, secure transfer of images and other content, provided you use a secure domain and keys
  • If you can login, any user can export organization-wide meta data
  • The browser will remember a password that has been entered. Please log out (click the ‘padlock’ on the search page in your browser), if you do not wish the next user on the machine to access the wound photos
  • If you are on an external machine, for demonstration purposes, please use a private browser window and delete the window after use.
  • You can restrict access to the target wound photo folders via standard Windows network logins.