Severity: Important, but potentially non-critical

Versions affected: MedImage Server < 1.5.8

We have noticed, in reasonably rare circumstances, that a corruption of your MedImage Server configuration file can occur if there is a problem connecting to our pairing server, during the pairing process. This will lead to your installation becoming non-operable. A re-installation of the MedImage Server will not fix this situation, since the configuration file remains untouched.



1. We recommend you create a backup copy of your C:\MedImage\config.json file into a different folder off the C: drive, immediately, so that you can recover it’s details should this problem occur.

2. You can choose to install Version >= 1.5.8 of the MedImage Server, over your current version, out-of-hours, to prevent it from happening in future. Please see our software updates page for further details.


Detecting the problem:

You should see an entry in the globalId field of


looking something like this:

"globalId": "EXZj8v5GfDHnVRBbw6",

The globalId should be an 18+ character, consistently garbled code, and not some form of filename or human readable entry. This code should be present near the end of the “readProxy” entry, also.


If the problem has already occured:

If you have a back-up of the config.json file, copy this over your current file to C:\MedImage\config.son, and restart the MedImage ‘service’, in Windows Service manager. Your service should be running again, though the problem could re-occur. We recommend you install version >= 1.5.8 of the MedImage Server to prevent the issue happening in future.

If you don’t have a back-up of the config.json file, you should:

  1. Back-up any add-on configuration files,
  2. Uninstall the MedImage Server,
  3. Delete the config file C:\MedImage\config.json,
  4. And re-install the MedImage Server >= 1.5.8, followed by any add-ons.

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