Severity: Important, but potentially non-critical

Versions affected: MedImage Server <= 1.6.0

An issue that could stop new photos from being downloaded, requiring a MedImage Server restart. The problem, while relatively rare, may occur at random, after months or even years of successful operation.

Detecting the problem:

New photos will no longer download from the AtomJump Servers. Your app will show an error message similar to ‘You are experiencing a slightly longer transfer time than normal, likely due to a slow network.  Your image should be delivered shortly.’ or ‘Sorry, the image is on the remote server, but has not been delivered to your local PC.  We will try again once your app restarts.’ but the photos will never appear.


You can fix this three ways:

  1. Temporarily, after it has happened, by restarting the ‘MedImage’ Windows service, or
  2. By reinstalling your MedImage Server and add-ons, with a version of the MedImage Server >= 1.6.1, or
  3. By installing the
    MedImage Server 1.6.1 patch

Option 3. is the easiest, and preferred method of handling this.

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