AtomJump’s MedImage Server has proven itself to be a stable platform for the transmission of medical photos, but it can also be used to transmit other types of data, such as human readable messages. AtomJump Messaging is now making use of the software to form a key component in it’s notification system. The notification system acts as an alternative to Google and Apple’s in-built notifications systems on Android and Apple phones, respectively. The alternative was needed on other platforms (e.g. the browser interface to Atomjump Messaging), and it needed to be peer reviewable to meet the preferences of the non-profit Foundation that publishes the software.

Instead of sending photos, the MedImage Server collects and sends on small snippets of text, which are received as human-readable pop-up messages in AtomJump Messaging. The MedImage Servers can be pooled together to cope with huge volumes of traffic.




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