AtomJump Ltd. is the company behind MedImage, and is their primary service. AtomJump is an open source messaging tool.


Sumner Health Center

The source of the original idea for MedImage. Dr Rob Seddon-Smith, the inventor, is the lead doctor at the practice, and brings his strong knowledge of IT and General Practice to assist MedImage development.


Esteem Healthcare

A New Zealand-based distributor of MedImage, who sell the Dermlite phone lens hardware, particularly for skin photos.



A software tool that we use to make sure installation is easy on a Windows PC.



Provides an excellent venue for open source products to be developed, and thrive.


Adobe Phonegap

A useful open project we use to allow apps to be written once and published across multiple phone platforms.



With a cast of thousands of open source developers, NodeJS is our tool of choice for the main technology behind MedImage. To help give back, we donate some of our proceeds to the open source community.



Has provided MedImage with suggestions on the product, particularly for dermatologists. Dermnet is a highly regarded source of information in the field of dermatology.


Nurse Maude

Nurse Maude provides a valuable nursing service to our local Christchurch community. We are co-operating on a joint wound analysis add-on tool, for their nurses and for the wider nursing community.



The myPractice medical system is a popular alternative to MedTech32 within New Zealand’s GP practices. The software is easy to use and you have a readily contactable supplier based in Auckland.



SMTP2GO are a reliable provider of email sending services. If you struggle with your software sending email and being accepted by your users (and not blacklisted or put into junk folders), we recommend you try SMTP2GO.