This release (1.4) fixes some import areas and introduces generic EHR support, with the help of the EHR Connector add-on.

  • MedTech Evolution support (add-on required)
  • Generic EHR connection (add-on required), which allows a simple connector to be built by people with SQL knowledge.
  • Windows network path support e.g. \\server\path
  • Improved path stability
  • Improved Windows logging
  • Wider compatibility for different .zip add-on formats
  • Improved add-on installer warnings

For add-on developers, DBAs and integrators:

  • Easily build your own EHR (Electronic Health Record) add-ons to the EHR Connector add-on. Any system with access over the network to the EHR database can be supported.  Only 3 SQL custom queries are required to make a connection to a new EHR system.
  • You can now run scripts against the photo, after it has been moved into the target folder.
  • GitHub .zip format for ‘releases’ are supported, to make the add-on release process more streamlined.
  • Include custom success messages on add-on installers.
  • Include ‘nice-to-have’ processes on installation, and display a warning on failure.


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