The MedImage EHR Connector Add-on provides the ability to add photos directly from your app into your EHR interface, under the patient’s record.

  • Enter the ID number of your patient on the app, and potentially an injury name
  • Optionally resize all incoming images down to a smaller size
  • Optionally modify the photo file naming scheme
  • Future-proofed with editable queries, should your EHR change their external interface, or data tables
  • 10% of our income from this product goes to an ‘AtomJump Medical Open-Source Software Fund’ designed to bring more open source medical products to the market, particularly for the developing world.
  • 1 month free trial. If you’re happy with the product, you then pay a one-off license price (split in two 50% installments), for each MedImage Server installation, with no ongoing costs. Any future updates are free.
  • For developers, DBAs and system integrators, the software is free.

Supported EHR software

Note: this Windows-only product is intended for developers and integrators, unless your EHR is mentioned below, in which case you will be able to install your system-specific integration after installation of the package:

  • MedTech32
  • MedTech Evolution
  • AtomJump Messenger

User Guide



EHR Connector
$ 680 .00
Per Practice
EHR Connector
Unlimited Usage
1 Month Free Trial


Warning: this add-on software requires version >= 1.4.5 of the MedImage Server

Start the Free Trial

Trial terms: Make sure you read the Guide before installation.

If you are happy with the software, please let us know, and we will arrange an invoice. If not, we’re grateful for your feedback.

Note: Prices are in $NZ. To convert to US dollars, $NZ680 = $US480.