MedImage will connect to any medical system, but the level of integration depends on how closely you want the systems to link. There are four main options

  • Use the MedImage Server software as-is. Provided that the medical system has one particular folder that handles photos, you can enter this folder when you are installing MedImage Server. This is a file-level integration, and the photos will appear as .jpg files within that target folder, accessible to Windows Explorer or any other file management tool.
  • Use a commercially available MedImage Add-on, that appends the new photos directly into the external system’s database. For example, see the MedTech32 Add-on.
  • Use the commercially available general purpose EHR Connector Add-on, which is available here, that connects directly to a number of EHR databases and inserts the photos. If your chosen system is not already supported: provided you have some integration or DBA experience, and your system has an accessible API or database, you can customize this package relatively quickly to suit your own systems.
  • Build you own connection software from scratch, using the MedImage Developers API. This can connect to any system you choose, including your own custom systems. MedImage/AtomJump are available to help write these add-ons if you are not development-inclined, but each development is considered on a case-by-case basis commercially and an agreement will need to be discussed¬†with yourselves. You can also choose to develop and sell these add-ons independently of MedImage.