Dr Robert Seddon-Smith is a valued partner to AtomJump Ltd/MedImage, working independently to our company, but he is also involved in another IT related venture in the medical artifical intelligence (AI) field called ‘Zach’ for the ‘Terrible Foundation’. This venture is unrelated to AtomJump/MedImage, and managed by a different company.

In recent news  (March 2018) the ‘Zach’ project has been called into question by investigative journalists, and due to the connection with Robert, we have had some customers wonder if MedImage is coming from a trustworthy source.

We cannot speak for Robert’s involvement with the Terrible Foundation, but our interactions with Robert to date have been very straightforward and productive. In the interests of openness, Robert had the original idea for MedImage and we developed the product independently, but we frequently go to him for advice on medical matters and product direction. He is financially rewarded for having come up with the concept, and it is a well deserved reward, from our point of view, as his professionalism and ability to think out-of-the-box have proved invaluable.

Our company is built on ‘open source’ principles, so that everything we create can be publicly peer reviewed, and recreated should our business ever cease to function. So, we have nothing to hide, and welcome suggestions on privacy settings and improvements to our software. We also welcome phone calls or visits in person to our Christchurch, New Zealand-based premises.

As far as we are aware, Robert obtained full patient consent before testing the Zach AI in patient trials, and followed best privacy practice, as a doctor is required to do when dealing with patient information.

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