This MedImage Server add-on provides the ability to automatically analyze and track the size of a wound over time.

  • Patient ID and wound name search
  • Wound area calculation, and auto-sticker detection
  • Colour picking from the photo to determine the wound’s colour ranges
  • A list-view, to allow analysis of the wound over time
  • Auto-percentage improvement calculation of the wound over time
  • Photo meta-data export to a spreadsheet for further analysis

This product has been built in partnership with Nurse Maude, New Zealand. The software is still in Alpha, so you can expect some portions to still be undergoing testing.




$ 329 .00
Per Server
Unlimited Usage
1 Month Free Trial


This add-on requires the MedImage Server >= 1.5.3, on Windows or Linux.

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Trial terms: Make sure you read the Guide before installation.

If you are happy with the software, please let us know, and we can arrange an invoice. If not, we’re grateful for your feedback.

Note: Prices are in $US. To convert to New Zealand dollars, $US329 = $NZ450.