New text and video interface

MedImage now has an optional messaging interface, particularly for remote consultations.

Transfers over NZ-based servers

Our MedImage photo transfers have switched over from Australian, to NZ-based, self-hosted servers.

Remote Consultations

Post Covid-19, remote consultations are increasing. MedImage has two useful solutions.

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Wound Mapp updates to mobile

A stand-alone desktop version, mobile tracing, messaging, and even a magic wand have been added.

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PMS choice is part of our DNA

MedImage works well with New Zealand’s friendlier PMS, myPractice

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Get the App

Photograph and catalogue your patient’s health issues with your phone, and send them to your PC.

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What is MedImage?

What is MedImage?

MedImage is the simplest, easiest, fastest way to transfer an image from the real world to your PC.  Photos are transferred directly from your phone to your target device and are ready to attach to medical records or send in referrals in seconds.  No more emailing, no more dropbox, no more memory cards.  Simply tag, snap and use.

MedImage is so quick and easy to set up you will probably save the time it takes you to install it the first time you use it.  Designed by doctors and secured by patients, MedImage is the ultimate tool for the busy doctor.

Our People

MedImage was created to meet your needs, designed by doctors to be quick and easy to use and by patients to be secure and trustworthy. Meet the team that made it happen.


A must have for medical practitioners
For years I have been looking for a program to easily allow me to store clinical photos on my computer. The quality of the photos taken on my iPhone 8 and transferred to my desktop computer are excellent.
A must have for medical practitioners
By Dr John M. W. Russell GP Takapuna NZ
Simply Amazing
This software saves so much time – no more emailing images, deleting unwanted files and moving pictures around.  Everything is exactly where I want it.  Where have you been all my life…
Simply Amazing
By Dr. Rob Seddon-Smith GP Christchurch NZ

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where do the photos appear?
+ How do I re-open the server?
+ Do I need any technical knowledge?
+ What sort of phone can I use?

Using MedImage

This video demonstrates transferring an image from your phone to your PC. Enter the name or ID of your patient before taking the photo. The images are ready for use: e.g 'Peter-19-Oct-2016-12-04-56.jpg', would mean the photo of Peter was taken on the 19th October shortly after 12 midday.
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